Circulation in the Atmosphere

May 17 at 08:30–10:15, room Vingen 6+7

Your Session chairs

Qiong Zhang and Wilhelm May

Keywords describing this session: Atmospheric modes of variability, Monsoon systems, Atmospheric teleconnections, Sub-seasonal atmospheric variability, Clouds and convection, Land-atmosphere interactions, CMIP6, PMIP


08:30      Welcome – Wilhelm May, researcher at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science, Lund University & Qiong Zhang, Professor at the Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University

08:35-08:50     Keynote: Future changes in circulation types in the SMHI Large Ensemble – Klaus Wyser, senior researcher at Rossby Centre of SMHI

08:55- 09:10    Keynote: Summer jet stream, paleoclimate, tree rings – Hans Linderholm, Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences, Gothenburg University

09:15-09:25 Machine learning of cloud types shows higher climate sensitivity is associated with lower cloud biases – Peter Kuma, researcher at Stockholm University

09:30-09:40      Contributions from varying large-scale atmospheric conditions to changes in temperature and precipitation in Sweden over the last 60 years – Erik Kjellström, Professor at the Rossby Centre of SMHI, and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University

09:45-09:55 Variations of observed near-surface wind speed across Sweden during 1926-1996 – Lorenzo Minola, researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences, Gothenburg University

10:00-10:10 Mesoscale weather systems in the Tibetan Plateau region: precipitation extremes and their connection to the large-scale atmospheric circulation – Julia Curio, researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg