Climate Extremes and Modelling

May 17 at 10:45–12:30, Hemerycksalen

Your session chairs

Malin Kylander and Deliang Chen

Keywords describing this session: land-atmosphere coupling, historical records, drought, heatwaves, wildfires, precipitation extremes


10:45      Welcome – Deliang Chen, Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg & Malin Kylander, Associate Professor at the Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University

10:50-11:00      A paleoclimate perspective on recent European heatwaves and droughts – Frederik Schenk, researcher at the Department of geological Sciences, Stockholm University

11:05- 11:15    The evolution of extreme high and low temperatures in Sweden during 1882-2020 – Behnaz Pirzamanbein, Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Statistics, Lund University

11:20-11:30      Process-oriented evaluation of kilometer-scale simulations of a mesoscale convective system in the Sichuan basin – Julia Kukulies, PhD student at the Department of Earth Science, University of Gothenburg

11:35-11:45      Diverging simulated effects of future drought stress on the Amazon rainforest – Phillip Papastefanou, researcher at the Department of Physical geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University

11:50-12:00      Robustness of precipitation and streamflow extremes in the surrogate world of seasonal forecasts – Peter Berg, researcher at SMHI

12:05-12:15      2018 Wildfires in Sweden: Fire Severity and Forest Management Impact on Above – and Belowground Ecosystem Recovery – Natascha Kljun, Professor at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science, Lund University

12:20-12:30      A yearly maximum sea level simulator and its applications – Magnus Hieronymus, researcher at SMHI